An update.

July 11, 2012

Ha- what a general title! Leaves my post to wander where’er the wind blows it I guess.

We had  a super busy month of June, being away for 14 days of it. Seriously, who does that? We do I guess. It was a whirlwind of craziness and fun.

Our first getaway was to celebrate our five-year wedding anniversary. In some ways it feels like just yesterday that we exchanged vows, and in others, I can’t imagine life pre Harold. We’ve been so blessed. We have two beautiful boys, a beautiful home, great jobs, and lots of family and friends. God has been so good.

To celebrate we left the kids with Grandpa and Grandma, and travelled south to Deception Pass for a weekend of camping with just the two of us. We had okay weather, we were thankful it was dry for the most part.

We were able to spend some great quality time with one another sans kiddies. We even splurged and bought ourselves some bikes. They have some super nice trails between the lake and ocean that are nice and simple, and the view is fantastic. We really enjoyed ourselves.

In the middle of June we made a trip to Edmonton to celebrate Harold’s 10 year grad reunion. We took the boys on their “first” (that they’ll remember!) plane trip. After some weather delays out of Abbotsford, (seriously!?), we finally arrived in Edmonton at 5AM, and crashed in the hotel for a few hours before embracing the day. Our first stop was, of course, West Edmonton Mall. We took advantage of tot time at the  Water park, and had a blast playing in the waves, and sliding!

Then, while the boys napped in the car, Harold drove around his ol’ stompin’ grounds. I’m not super familiar with Edmonton, all I know is that we covered quite a bit of ground, driving for more than 2 hours. Our last site of the day was Harold’s old home on Lombard Crescent. The boys were awake and thought it was neat to see where Daddy used to live. After this stop we were off to our hosts, Gord and Jenny Campbell. My stomach was churning, I was so nervous. I wanted our family to make a good first impression, but I also wanted to be comfortable to be myself and enjoy the weekend. Within minutes of walking through the door, and re-meeting this wonderful family, I think we were all in love. We all shared hugs, even though, technically we hardly knew one another. The kids shared shy glances while hiding behind our legs. Gord and Jenny were the most at ease, welcoming couple. Any nerves that were there, disappeared in an instant. Within 10 minutes the kids were happily playing outside, checking out the different toys, Jenny and I were chatting up a storm, Gord had steaks on the BBQ. We felt at home, it was like our families were life long friends. That evening we enjoyed a fabulous at home steak dinner, and chatted late into the evening over wine and drinks.

The next morning, after Gord amazingly tackled making pancakes with 3 kids all with their own spoons and bowls (can you say patience!) we headed to the Edmonton Science Center. The kids walked around holding hands, and were all fast friends. The kids’ favorite part was definitely the interactive play center at the end. Lucas LOVED the big play airplane, baggage security check station, etc. He was so focused and serious at his play.

That evening was the “formal” grad reunion. (Sadly, I have ZERO pictures) The class rented a side room to a nice restaurant in Edmonton. I had to chuckle when almost everything on the menu included Bison. I never even knew people ate bison. Harold was brave and tried the Bison lasagna and said it tasted just like beef. I think Harold had a nice time reconnecting with his classmates, and a good time was had by all. Saturday was a big family BBQ, which was nice too. For the most part all the kids played well together, and enjoyed the BBQ lunch. My kids’ favorite part followed the BBQ when we headed to the Glendale pool to cool off. Lucas had a hoot playing with his new friends. And Caleb was happy to sit by and watch with his new little girlfriend Ava.


Before we knew it, it was time to say good-bye to our new friends. I know the feeling is mutual, but this is only the beginning. Jenny and I have spent time chatting on the phone, messaging on Facebook, and are already making plans for a skiing trip in the winter. I thank God that he blessed us with such amazing hosts. Jenny and I were on the same page for so many things, and it was so easy to talk to one another. Jenny (and Gord!)- thank you thank you thank you, for opening your home and lives for our family to join you for a weekend. We had an amazing time!! Looking forward to the next time we connect!

Our flight home went great. The kids were so excited to be flying during the day! They got to see take off, and landing, and of course everything in between. Once we were home, it was almost straight to bed – the kids were EXHAUSTED! They behaved so so well during our weekend away. Heading into it I was nervous how they would respond to all the new places and people, and they did GREAT! Ask Mrs. Noot, after only a few minutes she was “Oma” to Lucas 🙂

Once home, it was clean up time, and straight back to planning for Vacation #3, camping at Cultas. At first the forecast was so so, high teens, cloudy. Then it was AMAZING, high 20’s, and lots of sunshine. However, in the end we had rain, rain, rain. Despite the terrible weather we still had a blast. A big thank you to Aunty Taylor for joining us for most of the weekend. The boys adore you and loved having you around 🙂 We also really enjoyed the couple of nights that Grandpa and Grandma joined us. The boys love QT with Grandpa and Grandma.


And now, we’re HOME, for an extended period of time. We have nowhere to go, and nowhere to be. It feels great. Along with the plan to stay put, we’ve been blessed with some AMAZING sunshine. We’ve been catching up with friends, and spending time at Grandpa and Grandma’s pool. It’s been nice to have some down time!

That’s a wrap for now…but check back soon, I hope to show you pictures of our refinished dining room table it went from this…

to this…dah dah dah…



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