On the mend…

December 6, 2011

Thankfully everyone in our home is on their way to being healthy again. Both boys are still coughing, but I remember with past colds/flus this is what hung around the longest, sometimes even weeks. Harold also quickly recovered, and thankfully so far, I’ve managed to stay healthy.

Christmas is in full swing in our home. Each year I patiently wait until December 1st to roll around before dabbling in anything Christmas (okay…except for Christmas shopping…I’ve started doing that year round!). But since this past weekend marked the first weekend in December it was full of everything Christmas.

On Friday night we watched Mission’s Candle Light Parade. It was beautiful. The night sky was clear, it wasn’t too cold, and the boys loved seeing each float go by. The 10 or so fire trucks at the start of the parade were definitely a favourite of both boys. Caleb was still feeling a bit under the weather, and snuggled up with Daddy during the last half and fell asleep.


Saturday was getting the house ready and decorated for the holidays. This year we started off with a huge pre-Christmas decor clean. We vacuumed all our nooks, crannies, dusted baseboards, washed the floors, etc. It felt so great to have Harold’s help in tackling this task and in no time the house was spic and span. After the boys’ naps, we decorated the Christmas tree as a family. Unfortunately, they both lost interest really quickly and I was left to put all the decorations on by myself, while Harold distracted them with books. Otherwise they were acting like hooligans – jumping on the couch, kissing, hugging, and running around like crazies! Maybe I’ll have to try this: http://pinterest.com/pin/698154646/ with the boys  🙂



Last night, I participated in my first bake exchange of the season. Anyone want to come over for coffee – I have WAY too much baking, and unless I want to visit the gym every day the week of December, I can’t eat it all…



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