Must get sleep!

November 23, 2011

The first thing that comes to mind when I recall the past few weeks in regards to the kiddies is the lack of sleep they (and in turn me) are getting. We are in TRANSITION mode right now for both of the boys, which makes it doubly tough.

Lucas is 3 years old and (almost) 3 months old. And he is starting to drop his nap. I am so very thankful that up until this point he has mostly napped everyday for 2-3 hours. He generally went to bed happy, and woke up happy (well after some snuggles, a snack, and sometimes some TV). However, over the past month or so, he has started resisting naps. He’s still pretty good about heading into his bed, but once the door is closed, he quietly sneaks books/toys into his bed and plays. This I don’t mind, as long as he is quiet, and resting. The last few days though, he is getting braver and will move stuff around in his room, come out frequently because he has to pee, he needs a drink, etc. Unfortunately, this is usually the cause of short naps for Caleb. Which is a lose lose situation for Mommy.

(Despite less sleep, he’s still a happy boy!)

Caleb is transitioning from two naps down to one nap. I have vague memories of how terrible this phase was with Lucas too. Constant crankiness, not enough day time sleep (he’s gone from 3 hours of napping during the day, down to 1 hour of napping), not enough night-time sleep (several night wakings, and early rising) and lots of snacking to avoid said crankiness. Thankfully I think I maybe seeing some improvement. He is increase the length of time he is napping each day! Yay!! It’s closer to the 1 1/2 hour mark now. He is also settling a bit better in the early morning, and going back to sleep, or at very least being quiet. This morning Harold sat with him for almost 1/2 hour and he went back to sleep until 8:15AM!! This is a record in Caleb’s books.

(One of Caleb’s favorite things to do – read books!)

Things are not all bad. I’m enjoying having my mornings free and not being tied down to a 9AM nap. I also now have some free afternoons, since Lucas is often not sleeping, and Caleb is usually done napping by 2:30, that gives us a couple of hours to do things in the afternoons. Plus, Lucas not napping = Lucas going to bed before 7AM which means SUPER quiet and long evenings to ourselves.

Trying to stay positive that my quiet afternoons to myself have become quiet afternoons to myself with several interruptions and way to short!


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