A shitty night (literally)

November 9, 2011

Ahhh, night time wakings are so hard when you are used to staying in your bed. Most nights, the boys don’t usually make a peep until 6AM or so. Last night however, Lucas’ sore tummy took a turn for the worse and for several hours we were back and forth from bed to the bathroom. He was such a trooper though. Despite having a sore tummy, and needing to make frequent trips to the toilet, he would climb out of bed on his own, run to the toilet, and patiently wait for me to come to his rescue.

This morning, I checked out HealthLink BC which is a great website with symptom checker tools. It helps set any worries at ease, and gives you GREAT suggestions for home treatment: what they can have or not have, etc, when to see a doctor, signs of dehydration. Such a great resource! For instance this morning I offered Lucas apple juice, which is not a great way to replenish liquid in his drained system. Orange juice is a better alternative. I would have never guessed.

I’m praying that whatever is bugging him passes quickly, and that none of us catch it. Harold and I were hoping for a weekend away, but that won’t happen with a sick little boy.


UPDATE: Lucas seems to be feeling much better. He’s playing normal. And just ate an entire sandwich for lunch. Whew! I hope that was the worst of it. 


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