Happy 1st (belated) Birthday to my sweet little man, Caleb!!

July 29, 2011

Wow, it’s already been a week since my sweet baby boy turned 1, and what a great day it was. A lot of time and prep went into planning my little man’s birthday party, but I wanted to be sure that although baby #2, he was just as special and his big day was going to be just that, S-P-E-C-I-A-L!

First off, my little man. Isn’t he the sweetest.

Caleb is such a munchkin! Caleb has the brightest, most beautiful blue eyes. I love taking close up pictures of him, because I just can’t get over his eyes. He is also a very busy little boy. Caleb took almost 10 months to crawl, but nothing stopped him from there. The world was wide open for him to explore. He also knows what he wants, and is very good at getting it – from cell phones to TV remotes – how did we become so lenient! Caleb adores his big brother Lucas and if he had a choice would be by his side at every waking moment. Caleb is also a fantastic eater (must remember this in months to come when and if he changes!) He loves to eat ALL fruit, specifically cut up on his high chair tray. He also loves to drink from a cup, more often spitting out more of what he is drinking than actually drinking it. Every morning Caleb gives us a huge smile while jumping in his crib. Lately Caleb loves to point at anything and everything and is completely amused as we share what each thing is – tree, door, Lucas, Mommy, bottle, etc! He thinks it is such a fun game. He is a total giggle pot – especially when using the word Oops! He cracks up almost every time. Caleb is also a little cuddler, he loves to snuggle before bedtime, often falling asleep on me in the rocking chair. Our little man is so full of life.

Moving onto the big day…

The theme developed after spotting the cutest owl cupcake on Pinterest. (my new favorite online pastime). These cupcakes were very simple to make and I think turned out super cute! The Oreo Owl Pops were a last minute addition to the party and I’m so glad I decided to go ahead with them. They were super yummy – come on, oreo dipped in chocolate – YUM! And the owl decoration was super simple.

A special thanks to all the friends, cousins, aunties, grandparents, and Great Oma for sharing in Caleb’s special day!!


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