Mish mash

May 26, 2011

Every day blog updates come to mind, and yet I never seem to take the time or find the time to actually commit to a whole post and do it. Props to all those bloggers who are able to update their blog daily or even weekly.

Caleb is on the move. Yes, our little chubbers has figured out how to get from point A to point B, or C, or D. Every day he is getting quicker. It’s so neat to watch him explore his big new world. Only a few days after Caleb started getting around, Lucas came running into the kitchen whining “Moooom, Caleb is being mean to me in my room!” He better get used to his new little shadow.

Only a few weeks after getting on the move, Caleb also started to attempt to pull himself up on the furniture, or toy boxes (creating huge messes of dumped toys). Each time he tries he gets a bit better, and a bit more stable.

I believe I mentioned in my last post that I was a proud new owner of a digital SLR. I have been having fun learning my camera, and tinkering around with the settings. I still have lots to learn, but am definitely enjoying the journey (for the most part!)


By the pictures already posted in this post, you may think I only have one son, when in fact, I really do have two. However, Sir Lucas, is at a terrible age for pictures. 99% of the time they turn out like this:

but he can be as sweet as this:

This year, I planted my own planters and hanging baskets. Three weeks after planting them, I am happy to report they are still alive, and even thriving. They are still small compared the huge, premade baskets you can buy, but I just gave them a dose of fertilizer to help them along. Now, if Mr. Sun would make an appearance or two, I think they will really take off.


I even started a little herb garden, which sadly, is not doing so well. I may need to bring it inside to give it a little boost. I think some good ol’ sunshine will do us all some good.

I have good intentions of another blog post tomorrow. Keep your eye open for a fun lunch idea for toddlers.
PS Are you on Pinterest? If you aren’t, you should be. So many great things on there.


One Response to “Mish mash”

  1. Yay for Caleb!!! I love your photos in this post. And way to go on the planters/hanging baskets/herb garden! My herb garden didn’t go so well either. My basil died almost right away, and everything else is just staying small. Booo… I want sun!!

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