Missing in Action

April 26, 2011

Life has been chaotic these past few months to say the least. We, in the Louwerse household, are ready for bright blue sunny skies, and warm weather. In the past 8 weeks we have had every sickness out there: flus, colds, fever, ear aches, stomach bugs, etc. This resulted in whiny fussy kidlets, lack of sleep for everyone, and general bleh’ness. Each time I think we’ve turned the corner, something new pops up. This past week, both the boys have had colds, and Lucas complaining of an ear ache. This resulted in 45 minutes of crying right through Easter Dinner.

I think however we may have really truly finally turned over a new leaf (knock on wood). Both boys are on the mend. Both boys are sleeping better. And this results in a very happy Mommy.

Not everything in the past few weeks has been “bad”. Harold’s never-ending innovations course came to an end. And he finished with a bang and got over 80% on his final mark!! He has also recently started his last course before taking a session off for summer. We’re both looking forward to a break from school. Hopefully this last course is a breeze.

We were able to meet our new nephew Micah Elias. This is Lucas and Caleb’s first “Douma” boy cousin! Yay!! He’s a handsome lil guy, and Lucas is completely smitten. “Mommy, I love Micah. He’s my best friend”

We also were able to visit with my Grandpa and Grandma Tams who were visiting over Easter. It was so great to have them over and cook a nice dinner. I was also able to snap some super cute pictures of Great-Grandpa and Grandma interacting with their great grandsons (I think numbers 18 and 22ish…?)

The beautiful weather this past weekend allowed us to get some much needed yard clean up done. It feels so great to have things tidied up outside, so as the warmer weather comes, we can enjoy being outside more and more!

I also have been trying out a new-to-me DSLR. It’s a Canon Rebel XT, and I think I am in love. Previously I was content with my little point and shoot, and thought it silly to get a SLR camera. I didn’t have enough camera knowledge to justify the huge cost to own one. However, just before Christmas Harold dropped my beloved little Canon Powershot, and I had to settle with using Harold’s work camera. I was very unfamiliar with this camera and more often than not it resulted in terrible or missed pictures. Since I was in the market for a new camera anyways, and after TONS of research I decided it was now or never. Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase this little beauty and make my first lens purchase and 50mm 1.8 prime. Ack, I can’t wait!!

My cooking/baking haven’t been absent these last few weeks, just a tad boring. I have stuck to simple, easy to prepare meals. Some favorites we have enjoyed were Ham and Pineapple Pizza, Omelets with Hashbrown Casserole, Chicken Satay, Pita Sandwiches, Taco Salad, Chicken and Rice. I have a few delicious recipes tagged that I can’t wait to try, so hopefully sooner, rather than later I can try one out and share it with you.

Have a great week!


2 Responses to “Missing in Action”

  1. Good for you for taking the plunge and getting acquainted with an SLR! It’s fun once you know what you’re doing. 🙂 I love your shot of Lucas in the jumperoo… big windows will become your best friend in terms of lighting! 😉

  2. Karin Says:

    You guys have had a rough winter. Good weather will bring healthy kids… let’s hope! Can’t wait to see your latest recipes… 🙂

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