5 drafts and no new posts

January 11, 2011

Blah!! I have been terrible at updating my blog. Life has been chaotic and very busy. I think I’m finally realizing that life with two kids is not just busy but INSANE at times. Christmas was busy busy busy, and I’m happy that life is settling back into normal routine. I crave routine, and by default so do my kiddies.

Caleb has transitioned from being a content newborn baby who sleeps anywhere, to being more demanding “older” baby. He needs toys to play with, gets frustrated when the fall or are out of reach, the jumperoo which used to be a constant joy is boring, and he’s just not quite ready to sit yet. Sleeping has also become a bit of an issue. One of my “drafts” was a post on Caleb doing his first 12 hour stretch. That lasted a whole month before he started getting up earlier and earlier, and now he is waking up 2-3 times a night, sometimes for up to two hours! Napping is also becoming more difficult. He used to head to bed and go straight to sleep, and now he fusses and needs to be cuddled before he falls asleep for his token 40 minutes. Tsk tsk.

However, the intention of this post is not to complain, or have a pity party. Looking back at my journal of when Lucas was this age, he did the EXACT same thing, and by 6 months he was sleeping through the night and consistently have 2, 2hr naps. So, I’m waiting patiently, and trying not to stress about it. Knowing that this too will pass, and that I better enjoy the snuggles I get because before I know it Caleb will be crawling and too busy to cuddle with Mommy.

Lucas is being a typical 2 year old. Pushing boundaries, being silly, and learning tons of new things. We’ve had some regression in the potty training department, but I’m not too worried. I think the busyness of Christmas/holidays are still taking their toll as we still have yet to have a completely normal week. Lucas is starting to understand consequence though, which adds a whole new dimension to discipline. It’s nice knowing that your child understands fully why they are being punished, and realizes by doing the same thing over will result in the same punishment.

Harold is SWAMPED with work. Every 10-14 days he heads up to Penticton. He usually is only there for a day, but a long 14 hour day! He was able to take some much needed time off around Christmas. Lucas loved having Daddy around. After some long nights with Caleb I was able to sleep in a few mornings, and we were able to have some nice family time.

So, back to the title of my post, I have 5 drafts waiting to be posted. None of them are finished, but all are great recipes that I tried leading up to the holidays. I will try do my best to finish them in the coming week and post them here. I also have a bunch more ideas of recipes that I want to post as well. Let’s just say its on my “to-do” list.

Also on my “to-do” list is a bunch of new recipes that I would like to try. My cooking lately has been slapping something together to eat for dinner. Sometimes I look at the clock and it’s already 5 o’clock and I’m at a complete loss as to what to serve for dinner. I hope to sit down, make a meal plan, do a big grocery shop, and get back to some regular cooking.


2 Responses to “5 drafts and no new posts”

  1. I’ve been patiently waiting for an update! 😉 You’re starting to scare me with all this talk of how busy life with 2 kiddos is… I really like my nice, fun-filled days with just 1. I guess I should just enjoy it while I can. Looking forward to seeing your recipes!

  2. I have been terrible…every time I think about it, or sit down to it, I get busy with something else. I hope to be better 🙂 Life is busy, but good. I wouldn’t change anything!!

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