A mish mash of things

October 27, 2010


The past week has crawled by. Staying home ALL THE TIME is exhausting. Exhausting in a different sort of way than when you are heading out of the house before 9, and racing from place to place until nap time. I think it’s the extremely slow pace. Lately our time is measured from one pee to another. Clapping our hands when the potty is full. And trying not to show frustration when there’s pee on the carpet, and a trail of pee prints all the way to the potty. All in all, things are going pretty good. Lucas is doing really well at telling us when he has to go, but he usually still has an accident once a day (typically when Harold is home). Another huge improvement is that he is doing number 2 on the potty! Ahh, such a relief. Anyways, I’m sure you have all heard enough potty talk for now.

Still in the bathroom section of our lives, I am using cloth diapers again. Since Caleb is a whopping 17 1/2 lbs, he already fits the cloth diapers I bought in May. I must say that cloth diapering an exclusively breastfed baby is WAAAY easier than a toddler eating and drinking adult food. So far, round 2 of cloth diapers is going awesome. I have to remember to change Caleb often, otherwise I have to change whole outfits as well. And washing is super simple too. I figure that I already broke even cost wise by using cloth diapers on Lucas for two months, so ever diaper change when we use cloth, we are ultimately saving money. Yay for saving money.

In the saving money department, I did my first extreme shop today. I scoured my flyers (over and over and over), and organized my coupons. And off to London Drugs I went. I decided that I would start small, so that I wouldn’t get overwhelmed, or the cashier frustrated with the newbie shopper.  Anyways…the fruits of my labour:

1 x Gillette Men’s Body Wash – FREE (Sale Price $2.99)
1 x Gillette Men’s Hair and Body Wash – $0.99 (Sale Price $2.99)
1 x Herbal Essences Hair Product – $0.99 (Sale Price $1.99)
1 x Olay Age Refining Body Wash – FREE (Sale price $3.99)
1 x Secret DO – FREE (Sale price $2.99)
1 x Pampers Easy-Ups – $8.97 (Reg price $19.99)

Total price paid after taxes $12.26…and $9 was the easy-ups

Next, I have not been cooking. Not at all. For the past week or so, I don’t even think about dinner until 5PM. We have ordered pizza (which covered two dinners), pizza and soup, visited with family x 2, a spaghetti meal from the freezer, and Harold made chicken strips and fries. Oh, and we had crepes. Well…I did make a pot of soup, and made the savory part of the crepes, however, I’m starting to get annoyed with myself. I promise I will do better.

On a final note, Caleb is sleeping fantastic! He is going between 9 and 11 hours almost every night. Usually he is in bed around 6/7ish, and is up for a quick feed at 9/10ish, and then sleeps through till 7. I feel so rested. Gone are the days when I can hardly make it through the day without a quick nap. I am very thankful!

There’s my mish mash of things.


2 Responses to “A mish mash of things”

  1. Karin Says:

    Awesome Leesh! I can’t wait to hear all about the coupon party. And YAY for Lucas. What a big boy! Such a proud auntie here!

  2. I’ll let Lucas know…he walks around saying “Mommy is proud of me. Daddy is proud of me. Grandma is proud of me!” Ha! I’m not counting my eggs before they hatch though, it seems every day is still a bit different. The coupon party was interesting…and definitely effective, so far 🙂

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