Potty Training Update

October 21, 2010

After yesterday, I was completely exhausted. Following around a 2-year-old for an entire two days is INSANE! Thanks for your encouragement and replies to my previous post…it helped me from throwing a diaper back on Lucas and going back to the easier way of life of changing a diaper a couple of times a day. This too shall pass…

The method I was trying to follow was based on positive training and communication cues. Basically providing your child with lots of positive praise “You’re a big boy!” “Mommy is so proud of you” “Yay! You kept your underwear dry!” Instead of asking if your child has to go pee, to give them the control and constantly giving gentle reminders “Remember to keep your underwear dry!” “Remember to tell Mommy if you have to go pee”. The last part, stay within 5-10 feet of your child and watch for cues that they are telling you they have to go potty. They won’t necessarily use words, but will hold themselves, dance around, give you a panicked look, or stop playing with their toys.

After following Lucas around watching for cues that he had to go pee, and praising him non stop. I was exhausted and stressed.

However, I think that last night while I was away, we made a break through. Up until then Lucas was fairly resistant to using the potty. He would hold his pee so long, that he wouldn’t be able to hold it anymore and some would end up in his underwear before he actually made it to the potty. It was frustrating watching him hold it in, when I knew a quick trip the potty would make us both happy.

Yesterday however, he went twice in the evening without a lot of prompting. Harold asked, he responded “Yes”, and off they went to the potty. Lucas kept his underwear dry, and did full pees on the potty. A sign of progress.

So far today, Lucas is doing the same. He is not holding it for hours on end. Usually some prompting gets him to go on the potty. And so far today, his underwear are completely dry. We still have to master #2, as he has yet to get one successfully on the potty, but I’m sure that will come too.



3 Responses to “Potty Training Update”

  1. Rianne Says:

    Keep it up! Sounds like he’s doing great. I think it took about two weeks before I could really say A was potty trained, but each day gets a little better.

  2. Keri Says:

    Not sure if you mentioned, but is he good at night too??

    • Keri – we have him in just underwear at night, but all three nights so far he has been wet. He is only doing 1 pee though, so I’m just going to let him keep wetting the bed and see what happens.

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