Taking the potting training plunge…

October 20, 2010

Yesterday started out like any other ordinary day. Caleb did another long stretch (10 1/2 hours!!) Yay!! He was up for the day just before 7AM. Shortly after I finished nursing him, Lucas was also awake for the day. I turned the coffee on, changed diapers, got breakfast for Lucas and myself, and then got Lucas ready to go in the bath. Just before putting Lucas in the water, I asked if he had to go pee on the potty, and he quickly responded “Candy!” We have already had the potty for a few months and have told him if he does his pees and poos on the potty, he gets a candy. So he promptly sat down, and gave it a go. Although there was nothing in the potty, I still gave him a little Reese’s Pieces candy. Into the bath Lucas went.

While the bathtub, Lucas continued to chatter about the potty. And I continued to answer and correct anything he was saying. I was trying to gear him up for the official start of potty training which was this coming Friday. We had no plans for the weekend, so why not give it a go?

Lucas loves to be in control, and today while getting out of the tub he said “No more diapers!” I’m not sure if he was referring exactly to this moment, or the future like we had already been talking about. But I decided to go with it. I was still not feeling 100% from my cold, and had already opted it was best to stay home from Bible Study and have a quiet day. So, he choose his first pair of underwear and we set off.

Lucas has always done really well with his milestones. Each new phase he became happier and happier. He loves his ability to walk, jump, run and have virtually no obstacles. He tries out new words every day, repeating everything we say! But I was still hesitant with how potty training would go.

First off, we had an accident. So it was off to the potty to show Lucas where pees and poos go, and that we wanted to keep his underwear dry. Wet/Dirty underwear was yucky. On went another pair, and another accident. This time however, Lucas responded with what I told him before. His underwear was wet and yucky and he did a pee on the floor. The next pee he started in his underwear, but with my help we rushed to the potty where he finished a full pee. I was ecstatic! He did it. He really did it. I praised and praised him. I gave him a little hot wheels fire truck, his first big reward. He got to call Daddy and Grandma on the phone to tell them. The same thing happened 2 or 3 more times.

Just before his nap, I told Lucas that it was time for bed so we had to try to do a pee on the potty. He sat down, but was squirming all over. Playing with the toilet paper roll, sitting sideways, obviously not interested in doing anything. But when I asked him if he had to go pee, he told me “yes!” A few seconds later he did a full pee, and his underwear was dry!!

It was nap time, and I decided to give it a go with his underwear, if it was a huge failure, I would put a pull up or diaper on next time. After a 3 hour nap, Lucas woke up completely dry! Man, was I surprised. He was pretty grumpy, since I rushed in there as soon as he was awake and didn’t give him a chance to really wake up. I tried to suggest we sit on the potty, but he wanted nothing to do with it. For the next hour he totally resisted the potty, even though he was dancing around, crossing his legs, obviously holding in a pee. He had a small accident. It felt like we were back at square one. But with the next pee we managed to get most on the potty. And by bedtime he was getting everything on the potty and keeping his underwear dry.

Because nap time was such a huge success, I decided to give night-time a try too, hey, if he can learn to control his bladder day and night, how awesome would that be!!

Caleb was up a bit early this morning (6:30AM) so I nursed him and put him back to bed. Instead of heading straight back to bed to catch as many zzz’s as I can before we’re all up for the day, instead I opted to stay up. I felt awake and instead of falling back asleep and feeling grumpy or tired when I had to wake up 1/2 hour later.  So I’m sitting by the computer writing this post, drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying the silence.

I’m nervous about what today will bring. Will Lucas regress and want his diapers back? Will we have a day full of accidents? Or will it fully click?
Stay tuned for an update.


3 Responses to “Taking the potting training plunge…”

  1. JCP Says:

    Oh how I long for the day Koen starts! Hope today is going well 🙂 Going likes the ideas of going ‘pee’ but has not clue what it actually means! I guess he is not even 2 yet so it will still take a while.

  2. Keri Says:

    That’s awesome! Way to go Lucas!

  3. karin Says:

    Yay Lucas! Hope today went just as well!

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