Banana Berry Muffins

August 15, 2010

At the beginning of July I came across this recipe:

on Annie’s Eats Blog and was super excited to give it a try. As I have said before, Lucas is a TERRIBLE eater. I’m slowly figuring out that it isn’t so much as him not liking things, but simply a matter of control. He has to decide what he eats, and when. Hopefully it’s just a phase, because Lucas is a skinny minny surviving on very limited food choices (Bread, Meat, Yogurt, Apple Sauce, French Fries, Mac n Cheese), anything else ends up on the floor, the walls, or when I’m watching him like a hawk, politely on the table while saying “No thank you!”

Anyways, back to the recipe. How could I not give it a try, they contain 3 (or more) types of fruit, bran, and have no added sugar!! Seriously, could a baked good truly be healthy?? However, as many times as I re-read the recipe I couldn’t find anything banning it to the treat cupboard. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

I check the pantry and then it was off to the store to get the missing ingredients…ie…oat bran 🙂 And Lucas and I gave the muffins a go.

First off, these are not easy, whip up in 10 minutes kind of muffins. I know the first time you make anything takes a bit longer because you aren’t familiar with the recipe, but I remember feeling like it was a pretty intense muffin recipe. It took almost 45 minutes to get the batter together and into the oven, whereas my usual recipes take maybe 15. But I was determined to stay open-minded. If it meant I was getting some healthy eats into my sons little mouth, then it was a success.

Once they were finished and cooled, I right away wanted to give one a try. Were they really yummy like Annie described? My first impression was that they were so so. I was so excited to head straight to my blog and share my new muffin discovery, but decided they were too hard to make, and the result wasn’t amazing. I was disappointed with how they stuck to the muffin liners, but chalked it up to the low-fat content, and that I possibly over baked them a bit. To top it off, Lucas ate 2 bites and it was left scattered around the kitchen.

I packaged them up and threw them in the freezer, in hopes Lucas would try them again on a different day. About a week after Caleb was born Lucas was asking for a muffin. I went to the freezer only to discover my classic banana muffins were gone, I pulled out a Banana Berry Muffin and crossed my fingers that Lucas would eat it. He right away pointed out there was no chocolate, so I cut it half and spread some Nutella on it (seriously, I’ll try almost anything to get Lucas to eat something healthy!) I am very happy to report…he devoured it, and said “more muffin!”

I stood in the kitchen with my jaw on the floor. Lucas just ate something with fruit, bran and no added sugar (minus the Nutella I added) and just asked for more. It was then that I decided that it was a recipe to share, perfect or not!

Lessons learned:
I too have recipes flop. Certain things don’t turn out, and I don’t always love the end result. But that doesn’t mean I should necessarily trash the recipe.
Second, that I have to give Lucas the benefit of the doubt and let him try things a couple of times, and maybe he’ll surprise me more often than not?! Even if it means adding something that he is familiar with and is a little sweet. Sugar never killed anyone, right?


2 Responses to “Banana Berry Muffins”

  1. karin Says:

    Will have to try the recipe! Definitely need to come up with more healthy treat options around here… if you have any more good ones to share, let me know!!! 🙂

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