Waiting for baby.

July 13, 2010

Our lives have been interesting lately. We’re in prep mode for the new baby, yet not knowing when he/she will arrive makes planning and doing difficult sometimes. Harold has been busy busy busy outside, trying to complete his big to do list that I have created for him. Don’t worry, I too have a big to do list for inside. Now that we are on the homestretch (2 1/2 weeks to go), I feel confident to get started and do not have to worry about having to “re-do” some of the items because  I did them too early. Checked off of my list tonight was hair cuts for my two boys. Lucas and Harold are now sporting some nice, short, summer do’s, so they are good to go for a while now 🙂

Originally my plan was to cook up a storm and stock my freezer full of some yummy meals to keep us well fed after the little one arrives. But this past week in the heat, I changed my mind. First off, if I didn’t feel like turning on my oven this past week, why would I want to turn it on throughout the rest of the summer. I’m not slacking off completely, we’ll need to eat, just something simple and healthy.

The plan:

4kg boxes of frozen chicken breasts are on sale this week at PriceSmart ($21.97!!). So tomorrow morning I am going to pick up a couple of boxes. Let them defrost, cut into strips, and fry them up. And then freeze them in dinner size portions. Then throughout the remainder of the summer we can have chicken salads, chicken wraps, grilled chicken pizza, etc, etc, etc! Lucas loves chicken, and Harold loves wraps, so I think this is a great solution to escape the heat, and still ensure that we eat relatively healthy while we adjust to live with a family of four!

I hope to share some of the recipes for my summer chicken plans over the next few days. They will just be the recipes, I can’t offer feed back on them, as I have yet to try them, but as I do, I will let you know 🙂


3 Responses to “Waiting for baby.”

  1. Lynette Says:

    Wow, that’s a great price for chicken! I might have to copy your idea. 🙂 Thinking about you in these last couple weeks!

  2. karin Says:

    Yeah, pretty hard to plan meals for when it’s so hot outside. I am also a huge fan of chicken cooked, cut and frozen for future use. So easy. The slowcooker is another great option in the heat.

  3. R leffers Says:

    Hoping the last couple of weeks don’t drag out too much for you Leesh. Don’t worry about the meals- you’ll get spoiled rotten from your family and friends!

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