At a good spot…

June 23, 2010

Cooking has been almost non-existent in the last few weeks. Yah, we’re eating and having dinner, but nothing super special that I want to jump online and share with everyone. I hope to do some “pre-baby cooking”, so I’ll definitely share then.

Baking has been the same old…lots and lots of Chocolate Chip Banana muffins and Amish Friendship bread (I just started round 3).

Cleaning…okay…I have been cleaning quite a bit. Part of me is saying that with almost 6 weeks left till D-day, I got to get my butt in gear, but the other half is saying, if you do everything now, it will all need to be redone before, or just after the baby arrives. Not cool. Definitely a dilemma. I have cleaned the outside surfaces of all my appliances…who would have thought the fridge door would get so dirty, or the washing machine…but I guess with grubby little hands touching everything, dirt gets on everything. I have organized and cleaned my deep freezer and regular freezer. I cleaned the fridge. I vacuumed under all the furniture…considering how much dirt Lucas is tracking in, this will need to be done again. Sigh.

Harold has been insanely busy. Last week he finished his first (of too many to count) online courses to get his degree. On Monday his final assignment was due, on Wednesday – his final project, and then on Friday – his final exam. Seriously, we co-existed the whole week. Saturday morning came and I provided Harold with a nice long list of things he needed (or I hoped) to get done before the baby arrived. Bright and early he was outside building Lucas’ new play area with swing set, and a new sandbox. Yup, I’m a slave driver. Did I mention he stained (with my help) the whole deck the weekend before!!

We had hoped things would slow down this week, but so far not yet. Harold had a late meeting on Monday night (not home till 8!), and then he was in Whitehorse yesterday. Yes, Whitehorse! Lucky for me, he was able to fly up in the morning, and fly home at night, but he wasn’t home until 10ish! And then tonight I have big plans for him to finish off the sandbox/play area. Love you Harold!

Lucas is doing really well. A couple of weeks back we were having some sleep issues (taking 1-2 hours to fall asleep at nap time and bedtime) but that seems to have resolved itself. We have been on a stricter schedule again, nap time no later than 1PM, bedtime no later than 8PM, and that regular routine seemed to do the trick. He has always thrived on a very predictable routine, so I’m happy we could resolve it quickly. With the tighter schedule came some new phrases for him too “No more crying” and “No more whining”. If we didn’t jump or respond to his request he resorted to freaking out, crying, and whining incessantly until he got what he wanted. Now, I’m sure there is more of this to come, but for now we seemed to have nipped it in the butt. Anytime he starts to cry for no reason, or whining enough to drive someone insane, we ask him what Mommy says, and he much more calmly responds “no more crying and no more whining” It’s quite priceless to see.

Lucas loves to play outside. “Outside now” he says throughout the day. He heads out with his rubber boots and just putts around the yard playing with dirt, or the soccer ball. Every day he is learning a million new things. He knows to put his shoes away in the basket, he can finish the sentences of most of his books, and most of the songs we sing. He keeps me updated throughout the day with what he is doing “I reading Mom” or “I’m playing nice”, seriously, he melts my heart.

With just over 5 weeks to go, I’m getting rounder and more ready to have this baby by the day. Sleeping is getting more and more difficult, I’m worse than a newborn…I can’t go more than a 2 hour stretch without getting up to go pee! Let’s just say “Baby Louwerse, it’s time to come and meet your Mommy, Daddy and big brother!”


One Response to “At a good spot…”

  1. Sounds like you’re busy! And it’s only going to get busier once the babe arrives! Yikes. 🙂 ❤

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