Classical(ish) Music

May 28, 2010

So I discovered this morning that I really like classical(ish) music. I say “ish” because I’m not 100% what can all be classified as classical music, so we’ll stick with “ish”. Someone posted a video of a senior orchestra playing Pallaido, and it got me right down in the pit of my stomach. You know that feeling just before your going to cry because of something so beautiful – a bride walking down the aisle, a new baby, the romantic ending in a movie, it was that feeling. Maybe it’s the pregnant hormones raging, but I thought I would test it out again, and quickly popped on youtube and searched Jon Schmidt and listed to his piano/cello version of Viva La Vida….bingo…same feeling.

Maybe I’m weird, or strange, or maybe this is a normal intended reaction to classical(ish) music, but I am now currently tuned into an internet playlist with a bunch of popular songs. Hopefully for Lucas’ sake I don’t burst into tears…

Try out some classical(ish) music…see what you think.

Search…Jon Schmidt…he seems to be a good combo between really classical, and pretty piano, and he uses popular songs!

Have a great weekend.


4 Responses to “Classical(ish) Music”

  1. karin Says:

    That’s my goto guy for slide shows! Such beautiful music. Is the Viva La Vida one the same as Taylor Swift meets Coldplay?

  2. Megan Says:

    You should check out Yiruma, he’s Korean (I think) pianist who composes all the music he plays and I have never heard such fantastic and beautiful piano 🙂 Heres a link:

    This is probably one of my all time most favourite piano songs!

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