Fuzzi Bunz

May 13, 2010

I am officially the proud new owner of 12 Medium Fuzzi Bunz, ie, cloth diapers. (http://www.fuzzibunz.com/) For most of Lucas’ life I have always wanted to at least try out cloth diapers, but never could make the plunge to purchase hundreds of dollars of supplies, just to find, it’s not for me. I agree with all the reasons why everyone should use cloth diapering, but for 20 months I have avoided the plunge.

Until today. Over the past few months I have been browsing a FB KidSwap site. I have purchased a few small things, including shoes, sweaters, and a few newborn items for our littlest bambino. Just yesterday I came across a lady selling her EUC medium size fuzzi bunz. My sister-in-law, Joni, has been successfully using them with her 2 month old. So her 8 diapers, vs my at most 4, I figured I could too be successful. It also helped that for $100, I am set to try them out. My goal is to use them for 3 months (from now till the baby) and then decide if I am going to continue or sell them to another willing participant. That way, I’ll break even, and can be honest with myself that I definitely gave them a go.

And… if it goes really well, I will be taking the official plunge and purchasing the smaller size for the new babe when it arrives.

So, here’s to cloth diapers. Hopefully things go smoothly 🙂


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